25 June 2008

Vaulting into Confusion

The 20th – 21st of this month saw The Vaults (Leicester) host another of its now infamous beer festivals, this time celebrating the impending wedding of well known Bedford Scooper Tony Burke.

Licensee Paul Summers has long been known for his somewhat warped and twisted sense of humour, and seldom has this been more evident than in the naming of the fine range of specially commissioned, themed ales from microbreweries which he unleashed on an unsuspecting public...

Yes, that's a whole load of "Stag Ale" all brewed by different breweries, to different recipes and different strengths ... confused yet?

Due to other commitments over the weekend, the Beer Monster and I only made it down after the event on the Monday and Tuesday, by which time several of the ales from the bar had sold out - however we nevertheless managed to scoop everything from the stillage (with the exception of the Blackwater brew) plus the Brunswick, Oakham and Full Mash Poppycock from the main bar.

From what Paul has told me, the guerrilla approach to the naming caused no real problems – apart from one old boy who, when asked what he wanted, stood by the stillage repeating the words “Stag Ale!” over and over at ever higher volume!

Though I’m a little ashamed to admit it, I’d not been down to the Vaults since around Christmas time … having taken the time to re-acquaint myself with the pub I find myself wondering why on earth I stopped frequenting it in the first place – the range of beers has always been exceptional, and my visits this week have served to remind me just how excellent the condition of the beer is in here.

Needless to say, it’s back on my regular Leicester itinerary…


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