27 October 2008

Bull Brewery Showcase №1 - Kelham Island

This Thursday 30th October marks the start of what should prove a very popular monthly brewery showcase at the Bull in Horton Kirby, Kent.

Each month the pub aims to procure six highly sought-after and rare-to-the-area ales from one of Britain's best and most innovative microbreweries. The brewery's casks will be dispensed by gravity from a stillage and will be in addition to the pub's staple 5 or 6 ever changing ales behind the bar.

This month they're kicking off with the mighty Kelham Island of Sheffield. We're lucky if we get the occasional Pale Rider popping up in Kent and London but this weekend, in addition to regular brews Easy Rider and Pride of Sheffield, there will be no less than four specials:
  • Harvest Gold 3.8%

  • Conquistador 5.7% - Peruvian dark ale

  • Grande Pale 6.6% - billed as Pale Rider on steroids

and what has to be the pick of the draw:

The showcase runs from Thursday through until Sunday evening and there's even live music on Friday night.

Just try and keep us away!



  1. "Pale Rider on steroids" sounds like a must to try.

    I won't point out the September gaff as I make mistakes like that all the time, but what the heck is "hash 1"? Shouldn't that be 'Nº 1'?

  2. Argh, four words in and already a mess - corrected now. You've pulled me up on the use of # to refer to № before. Is it terribly improper of me?! Changed to keep you happy :-)


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