8 July 2008

Shock Less Monster?

Came across this little gem in L.a.S.T Orders (the Lichfield, Sutton & Tamworth branch publication), and thought it was worth sharing…

“Much justified criticism has been directed at Chancellor Alistair Darling’s budget decision to raise beer tax, with a nominal 4p a pint turning out at 20p or so by the time everybody’s had their go.

Here at Last Orders we prefer to let the last word go to Burton Bridge, who awarded big Al their Gold Medal beer for May – see the accompanying description.

Mind you, we reckon there’s a printing mistake – surely the Bridge Boys intended the second word of the beer name to be Teater?”

Indeed; my initial thoughts when I clapped eyes on the beer for the first time were pretty much the same - Nice one BB for taking the Michael, but did you really have to pull the punch?!

The description accompanying the Shy Teaser clip reads:

"May 1933 was the start of the most prolific Nessy spotting season, 28 sightings towards the end of 1934, but since then very little, in spite of some extensive sonar and submersible surveys.

Our illustration is of a more recent sighting, probably of the next generation, which looked like a performing seal crossed with a snake in the grass, resulting in a creature with over-inflated humps and a poor sense of direction."

You have to admit though, it's a pretty accurate summary all things considered...

For those unfamiliar with the range, Burton Bridge Gold Medal Ales are produced monthly in recognition of some of the 'greats' of history.


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