9 August 2008

YCC's Lament

First and foremost, apologies for the lack of action on the site over the past few weeks. It's been a busy time for all of us for various reasons and it's all too easy to allow the blogging to go by the wayside.

We were given a well-deserved, stern ticking off by some of our contemporaries at the GBBF this week and have been prodded by other readers to get our act together. This in itself is encouraging; proof that people have been keeping an eye on the site and that our statcounter isn't lying to us.

So here is a pledge (I hesitate to 'promise') to be more forthcoming and regular in our ale-fuelled musings. We owe you reports on at least three beer festivals and numerous pub outings, which should keep us plenty busy for the time being. For your part, please do leave us your thoughts and comments. We love to hear whether our collective perspectives are shared or even if they're well off the mark!

Yours sheepishly,



  1. Consider yourselves commented upon.

    Now go write something.

  2. Beer Nut,

    You are an unforgiving sort.

    Consider yourself linked to!


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