4 November 2008

Something to Tickle Your Fancy

Sometimes you have to do a double take, and that was certainly the case at a recent quiz night at the Swan & Rushes, Leicester.

The Thursday night Swan quiz is popular with regulars, locals and students alike – mentally challenging, with good natured rivalry between the regular teams ensuring a cracking atmosphere and the added bonus of hot food laid on for the players (usually spicy and pasta based, with a meat and vegetarian option).

This particular night was busier than usual, and amongst the new faces was one which I instantly recognised – none other than the star of Big Brother 4 and Brainiac, the one and only Jon Tickle!

Needless to say, in the spirit of ale blogging I felt it essential to collar the poor chap, introduce myself and ask for a chance to snap his picture by the bar. Being the thoroughly nice guy that he is, he was happy to oblige and the result can be seen above.

Those familiar with “The Tickle” will know his reputation as a man of considerable wit and intellect; imagine my surprise (and, yes, mirth) when his team duly came sailing home in last place…!!!

Nothing like a sniff of minor celebrity eh?!



  1. The place where all the stars hang out!

  2. But more importantly. What was he drinking? I'll guess Vodka and Orange.

  3. Good point. He strikes me as a Strongbow/Blackthorn cider man. Do tell us Pantsy...

  4. Actually the guy was on Bishops Farewell all night and loving it!


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