16 November 2008

Bull Brewery Showcase №2 - Marble

Following on swiftly from the impressive lineup of Kelham Island beers last month, those nice people at The Bull have put together an equally enviable range from everyone's favourite Mancunian brewer, Marble.

After persuading them to hunt down a barrel each of Pint and Ginger (with the added bonus of JP Best) for their Handpicked Beer Festival back in early October, we are very pleased that they have felt compelled to return for more. I have never seen these beers in any pub in this corner of the country and this is testament to the lengths that licencees Garrett and Lynne are prepared to go in order to establish The Bull as the leading alehouse in the area.

The six Marble casks on the rack from Thursday 4th through to Sunday 7th December will be:
  • Pint 3.8%
  • Ginger 4.3%
  • JP Best 4.3%
  • Manchester Bitter 4.3%
  • Porter 4.5%
  • Lagonda 5.0%
The Marble website seems to be pretty unidimensional and with ratebeer currently out of action too it would be a struggle for me to provide much background on the latter three of these beers. However, I was impressed during my visit to the Marble Arch this time last year, adoptive Manc Tandleman has long been a firm supporter and I look forward in particular to trying the rarely seen dark Porter and the Lagonda, which I understand is in the style of a traditional dry IPA.



  1. Thanks for the "No2" if you know what I mean

  2. Not a fan of the Lagonda myself, but in fairness I haven't tried it for a while. Looks like a great line up. JP Best is drinking well at the moment.

  3. Manchester Bitter was their original standard Bitter. It's light and easy going, although not as hoppy as JP or Pint. Lagonda is indeed an IPA style beer. Like Tandleman I'm not a fan and would say it's the poorest of the Marble beers.

  4. Thanks for the background guys. Have either of you had the Porter before? I'm not versed in the darker Marble stuff and wonder how it matches up to the excellent pale hoppy end of the range.

  5. Was in last night and gave the Lagonda a try. Improved I'd say. Worth a punt. The JP Best is still superb. I am not so sure I know the Porter though I must have had it. It wasn't on last night, but I'll look out for it.

  6. Yes, the Marble always has exception beers. I am not too fond of the prices.


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