23 December 2008

Dog has its Day

In a quite astonishing U-turn, self-appointed industry watchdog The Portman Group have abandoned their 8-month crusade against BrewDog's witty labelling.

Understandably, managing director and BBC Three star James Watt is pretty pleased with the outcome.
"It is a victory for common sense, the intelligence of the consumer, small independent producers and freedom of speech; it is a victory that BrewDog had to fight tooth and nail for. We refused to roll-over and be bullied into changing our packaging by what is basically a cartel funded by our larger competitors. We were determined and stood our ground to keep our dream and our business alive...

"We feel our victory, and the fact we were determined to stand our ground sends a strong message out about BrewDog to the rest of the sleepy, stuffy and mediocre UK brewing industry. If the result means that the Portman Group does not unjustifiably bully another independent producer then all the effort was worthwhile."
A full retort can be found here on the brewers' own blog.
Merry Christmas guys!
  • For the sake of balanced reporting, Portman's press release can be found here though, be warned, it doesn't make for anywhere near as good reading.


  1. Deep joy!
    I had a bottle of this after late night shopping in Tesco. Punk IPA at midnight after some serious trolley action went down a treat!

  2. Misteh YCC, I've never made my grace known on these pages, but being we're in the holy season, I thought the timing was right. CAMRA is a shit organization. I know first hand, by the many run-ins I've head with various beardy members. Social graces lacking, they are the epitome of why real ale suffered it's lack luster reputation. They require a reformation, like the Christians had. Spin off and do your own thing. Don't be a prisoner to the primitive, fat bastard, CAMRA collective. Lets make it clear, Ale Affinity is not synonymous with Master of Ale.

  3. Thanks Whorst, always a pleasure.


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