19 December 2008

Thornbridge Take it Down South

Following hot on the heels of December's hugely successful Meet the Brewer session with the boys from BrewDog, LoveBeer@Borough are pleased to welcome the legends from Thornbridge to the capital on Saturday 17th January.

You can read up on LoveBeer co-owner Melissa Cole's recent brewing experience at Thornbridge Hall here on her excellent blog Taking the beard out of beer! Here's hoping that a cask or two of her 3.8% abv creation Heron finds it's way to The Rake next month for our scrupulation. Another lucky soul to step into the brewer's shoes for the day was one of our favourite beer writers the Reluctant Scooper, who also posted a typically excellent report on his own site. We're very jealous of you both.

Thornbridge, much like BrewDog, are one of the UK's most respected, pioneering and multi-award-winning microbreweries and it's great to see a cask outlet for their wares in London. If you are yet to sample the delights of the likes of Jaipur IPA, Kipling, and St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout be sure to get yourself down to borough market. Tickets can be purchased in advance from behind the bar at The Rake or from those friendly guys at Utobeer.


  1. Here's hoping the Rake is blessed with some of their recent cask specials. And I'm sure they'll drag some Bracia down there... OMG! Despite that I'm awash with their stuff - tonight's highlight being the five pints of their Xmas ale Merrie - I might have to venture darn sarf if only to watch southerners weep openly at the taste of superlative beers ;-)

  2. Stop it. You're getting me excited. We've got Christmas and New Year to get through yet!

  3. look forward to catching you guys then, thanks for the shout out : )


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