23 January 2009

Bull Brewery Showcase №3 - Thornbridge

It's been quiet on here for a while, again. My apologies to our long-suffering loyal readership. My reasonable excuse this time is that I moved into a new flat on New Year's Day and have been desperately trying to get Internet access sorted ever since. You'd have thought I was asking for a satellite link up to the Moon. Three weeks on and I'm still in web limbo. I've also been poorly this week, having escaped the bloggers' Christmas epidemic. Pan-C can site no such mitigation, the lazy swine.

Anyway, there's just time to inform you of Showcase №3 from the Darenth Valley's №1. Not to be outdone by recent events at The Rake, The Bull proudly presents a hearty line-up from the fabulous Thornbridge of Ashford, Derbyshire. From Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th February the following seven ales will be gravity dispensed:

  • Wild Swan 3.5% light session bitter

  • Lord Marples 4.0% honeyed bitter

  • Ashford 4.2% quadruple hopped brown ale

  • Kipling 5.2% South Pacific tropical pale ale

  • Jaipur 5.9% world beating IPA

  • Handel 6.6% Belgian-style dark dubbel

  • St Petersburg 7.7% Imperial Russian stout

I got far too familiar with the St Petersburg at the Rake on Saturday, waking up on my sofa at 1am having lost Jnr and somehow finding my own way back to my new abode. I look forward to respectfully tackling it again, as well as the new-to-me Handel and gorgeous Kipling.

As if that wasn't enough of a temptation, there should be up to five additional handpulled ales from Dark Star to choose from, as Garrett does his best to decide which of these micro titans deserves the accolade of his favourite brewery. He'll also host a lively 'Bingo Quiz' on the Thursday launch night, with some worthwhile boozy prizes sure to be on offer. The Bull's website has become something of an historic reference point in recent months, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for up-to-date information on future events and the ever-changing ale selection.

As soon as the various multinationals involved (that's you BT, Post Office and O2) have pulled their collective fingers out and finally hook me up, a near-full service will be resumed. Please leave your expressions of discontent/contempt for our poor showing below.



  1. Plenty to enjoy there - I tried the Handel up at the brewery before Christmas and it was shaping up lovely.

  2. I've never heard of The Bull before (and I live near Chatham so should know better!), but I will certainly be going to visit when they have the Thorbridge beers on! I drank rather too much at the Rake last week, so good though!

  3. ***STOP PRESS***

    It now looks like next month's (March's) brewery showcase will feature Dark Star, hopefully including a Meet the Brewer session on the Saturday. Therefore, there probably won't be five of their beers on the handpumps this time.

    There will, however, still be the usual host of handpulled ales from around the land to compliment the Thornbridge selection.

    Mark, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you there on the Thursday evening, perhaps?

  4. The thursday sounds good to me. I went to the Thornbridge meet the brewer at the Rake and that was awesome and had some super beers so really looking forward to this!

    Will all you guys be there? It'll be cool to drink with some more young beer lovers and writers!

  5. Myself, Jnr and Jimbo should all be there on the Thursday evening. We're off to the White Cliffs Festival of Winter Ales on the Friday, so we'll need to get our Thornbridge fill on the opening night.

  6. Fantastic. I thought about going down to the Dover festival, not certain if I will yet though. I hope to see you guys on the Thursday though, I'll drop you an email before the day if I can make it! If not the girlfriend has agreed to drive me there on saturday (after bluewater shopping, that is!)

  7. Does Guinness count as real ale? I prefer the bow anyway innit. LE3 crew fall back.

  8. I popped into the Bull yesterday afternoon for a few pints - what a great place! I'll definitely be going up next week for some Thornbridge beers!

  9. Mark, glad you approved of the place. Will you be there on Thursday?

  10. Had a great time last night - what an awesome pub and fantastic beers! My day-after memories are telling me that I want more Handel. And I want a pint of Kipling - a half is just not enough of that.

    Great to meet you guys, enjoy Dover!

  11. I've just posted a little something about our evening on my blog.

    How was the Dover festival, by the way?


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